Alpaca Powered Flowers.

Down OM Farms is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills on the historic San Juan Ridge near Grass Valley, California. Operating one of the smallest permitted farms in the state, Down OM excels at our craft by showering each and every plant and nug with personal love and affection and have been awarded an Emerald Cup award for our efforts. Growing our cannabis, flowers and vegetables together and in harmony with nature is what we strive for. Through the use of advanced composting techniques and a small alpaca herd we build our own soils, sequester carbon, and increase biodiversity through our process.

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Award winning, organic and regeneratively grown food and medicinal herbs. 100% family owned and operated.


We are proud to be Sun+Earth Certified.

Where To Find Our Flowers

 Nevada City
South Lake Tahoe
Bay Area
West Hollywood
 Los Angeles
 San Diego

A list of Farm Cut retailers can be found at

Down OM Farms is a proud founding member of Farm Cut and we’ve been honored to work with Revive Pure Life chocolates and extracts. Our goods can also be found with their participating retailers. We are members of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance.


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